one step ahead...

If it was just about living...there would be no Yashwant. Because Yashwant is about living simply “class apart”. From leading a quality life to enjoying a better ambience, Yashwant brings a gamut of things to set the dawn of a new eco -lifestyle in Kolhapur.

Vilas Javdekar Eco-Homes is among the pioneers in development of green housing or eco-homes. The purpose is dual; a scientific approach is followed to build the state-of-the-art, eco-friendly system which will help the residents in saving huge energy costs and also make significant contribution in improving the ecology.

The process begins early, right from the planning, to the design, and extending into the construction. It covers the entire life-span of the structure and the complete facility management system. With a world hurtling down the road of global warming, climate change, this has become the only path to navigate.

The mantra is “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Renew”. Yashwant applies the eco-homes methodology to make your living smart and green!


  1. May 2011
    Our Eco- friendly initiative gets a new friend Actor Atul Kulkarni our Brand Ambassador.
  2. June 2011
    Launch of an initiative called "Turn your city green" donation of 50,000 saplings within a year begining from 5th june 2011 world environment day.
  3. July 2011
    VJE announces 1 million sq.ft. of eco-housing projects in Pune and Kolhapur. Posession of these homes to start from Jan 2013.